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To a cynical sort, the future of freemasonry might be in jeopardy, what with the 21st century and the ‘internet’ generation now obtaining any or every bit of information on seemingly everything they want at the click of a mouse or a google search.

we find ourselves asking do the traditional secrets and values of freemasonry hold up against this every changing world of fast demand for information? I certainly like to think so.

One of the main things I truly believe is going to help freemasonry carry on into the future is the use of Social Media in order to promote, report on and indeed, enlighten the world on freemasonry in general.

The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) are especially hot on this topic, with a official twitter account (@UGLE_GrandLodge) which is followed by over five thousand freemasons and steadily increasing every day.

But it’s not…

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