The sexual energy that we so impressive could see at this picture, is the same energy that has created the greatest spiritual and cultural possessions of humanity. There is no some mater based sex urge, which is opposite of the spiritual being, as the imperial religions are lying, for the only reason, that suppression of human body`s natural sexual needs, by scientifically proven definition, is leading to personality destruction, which makes the victims of those religion incapable of independent thinking and decision making… That`s the key purpose of the Roman Imperial Development of the Bible and Christianity in the form we know it today! Mohammad too has been enough smart to copy this Roman innovation, to suppress and much easier control the savage tribes, that he has been willing to unite under the power of Islam, being spoiled himself as the profit… The truth is different. As the Kabbalah, which is the fundamental esoteric knowledge/science of Judaism, as so the original Jesus gnostic teachings ARE ACCEPTING that as God is One, so as the energy moving everything is essentially identical, no matter that it can emanate itself in all the possible forms. The spirit is the compass, which forward the direction of it`s energy realization!… On the photo, it`s their choice, and it is healthy for their bodies and brain psychics… Sex is naturally healthy needed for the body that`s a temporal incarnation form for the evolving immortal spirit of the man… This is Truth. And exactly the ban of human`s natural sexuality had been born through the centuries all the pervert mutation of man`s sexuality. Suppressing it, the Roman Imperial Religion has made sexuality to mutate in today`s well known forms – all the internet is full with examples. Sex is Health for the Body, which the Spirit needs it healthy, in order to control it well. That`s it. End.
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