Tatian’s Christian Trinity Theory Was Similiar To The Gnostics.I`m sorry that I`d lost my exciting comment on this Esoteric Iconography, which couldn`t more closely represent the Divine Ignite of All below the Pure Spirit of Men – igniting all parts, that had been captured the Spirit soooo long to learn and evolve, that no Rite, in my opinion, could do that to whomever has felt close to the degree 🙂 There are people who has dying with dignity in “THAT” pain, and Resurrection happens to them, and nobody knows about it, when they search for food in the garbage or take the next Meth dose in the messy basement… But it happen more often in life, than we, the chosen ones could ever imagine, I think.

From PikeQuotes: Pike discuses Tatian’s Christian theory of the Trinity; he was a 2nd century Assyrian Christian theologian. Notice his belief was very similar to the Gnostic Christian belief in three, a divine number, and the Trinity. This is important, only because the Gnostics would eventually be defeated by the Roman Catholic Church, who would continue to promote this belief; as was mentioned before by Pike: Continues at the original PikeQuotes.WordPress.com blog